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Anonymous asked
what's an M!A?

M!A stands for Magical Anon.

A M!A has the ability to control the muse, in this case Tenzin, for a certain about of time, in this case one hour. (Sometimes, if I’ve fallen in love with the M!A, then it becomes longer than that.) The M!A alters Tenzin in some way or form. Pretty much anything goes as long as it’s not too obscene or too uncomfortable for me. I do reserve the right to delete the M!A.

If you want to submit a M!A there are three basic requirements.

  1. submit it anonymously to my askbox.
  2. Make it obvious that it’s a M!A. Most often the ask starts off as “M!A: Tenzin is now….”
  3. Don’t leave it blank. Make sure there is some sort of command like “You now think you’re an earthbender” or “Tenzin is now possessed by Avatar Kyoshi.” The possibilities are limitless.

I do have plans to make a list of past M!As, but even if it’s been done before, I still welcome it. For instance, Tenzin has been BatTenzin 3 or 4 times before.

If you have anymore questions about M!As, don’t be afraid to ask.