My name is Tenzin. I am a father of four and married to my darling wife Pema. It is my desire to preserve the air nomad culture that I inherited from my father, Avatar Aang with whom I trained extensively. He has taught me everything he knew but has long since passed and reincarnated into the next avatar, Avatar Korra. She is very different from the avatar I knew as a child, but I have always had faith in her as her airbending teacher, spiritual advisor, councilor, and friend. She has taken great strides to fulfill her duty as the avatar and has pulled off some remarkable acts in the name of peace and balance, but there’s more ahead of her, and I know she will do even greater things along life’s journey.

Lin Beifong is my hero.

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Independent Tenzin RP/ask blog. Willing to roleplay with anyone. Tenzin is 51 but will roleplay any age. I do not do smut but will get a little romantic with Pema and possibly Lin, depending the circumstance.


Anonymous asked
So uh, I wanna start an RP blog and I want to roleplay my OC. I'm kinda nervous since it would be my first time to RP... Any tips and suggestions..?

//I commend you for RPing an OC. It takes a different kind of courage to do so because you’re faced with a different kind of challenge. That is, convincing other’s that your OC is a well-thought-out, multi-dimensional character, where as a CC has already been developed for you and already has a following.

My one attempt to RP as an OC was a weak one at best. A few days into it, I realized if I was going to continue RPing as her, I needed to develop her character more or just quit. I took the second route because I didn’t feel I had time to run two RP blogs.

Other than what can already be found on my blog, my advice to you would be to spend a fair amount time developing your character before initiating roleplaying. Probably a week of just developing your OC would be good. You can develop the character more as you RP (you can learn a lot about your character this way), but you’ll want to have a solid starting point.

Hopefully, once you have done this, you’ll have a good amount of material to work with and can share with others. Creat an “about the muse” page where people can learn about your OC. It might be good to withhold certain things about your OC until a later time. There’s a certain attractiveness towards a closed-book policy, revealing more about the character as time progresses. Sometimes, revealing something about your OC at the right moment can keep things fun and interesting. Keep in mind though, you don’t want to hold back too much info about your OC unless that’s how you want to play the game. Also, your OC can have the character trait of being an open book while you yourself are not being an open book about your OC.

I hope this is useful to you.

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