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Giveaway for Mrspiritual’s Followers


Yeah, that’s what it says. ^_^ To show my appreciation to those that follow me. Thank you!

Up for giving away is:

Grand Prize (1 winner): A copy of Lok: Art of the Animated Series: Book 2 and a copy of the Book 1 soundtrack (CD form) OR Parts 1-3 of The Promise and a copy of the soundtrack OR Parts 1-3 of The Search and a copy of the soundtrack. (Winner’s choice)

Second Prize (1 winner): Parts 1-3 of The Promise OR Parts 1-3 of The Search OR a copy of the Lok book 2 art book (depending on what’s left after the grand prize winner chooses their prize. If the grand prize winner chooses a set of the comics then the second prize will automatically be the art book.)

Third Prize (5 winners): one copy of one of the comic books ranging from The Promise Part 1 to The Rift Part 2 (It depends on what is available after the grand prize and second prize winners have claimed their prizes. This is to encourage sales of the rest of the comics. You get one to start your set, and then you only have to buy the other two to complete the set. They are only like…$10. Show your appreciation by supporting the franchise! ^_^)

Rules (Updated Sept. 14th, 2014 5:02pm EST):

  1. You must be following me.
  2. You must like this post.
  3. You must have your askbox open for contact.
  4. You must be comfortable with giving me your name and address, so I can get your prize to you. I will delete/shred it all after the contest is over.
  5. Reblogging will not help your chances.
  6. The url names of the winners will be drawn and revealed Oct 2nd. What time will be decided later.
  7. A random generator will be used to “draw” the winners’ urls. I will provide a link to the one I will use later.
  8. The winners will have a week to get in touch with me to claim their prize. If you do not contact me within that timeframe, you will no longer be allowed to claim the prize and there will be a drawing once a week from the remaining urls until all prizes are claimed.
  9. Any likes after Oct 1st 11:59pm EST will not be accepted, period. In the event that subsequent drawings are required, only the urls from the remaining likes from before the deadline (Oct 1st 11:59pm EST) will be used.
  10. If for some reason there are multiple likes from the same url, only one will be counted. This means your url will not be entered more than once in a drawing. If there are multiple drawings and you have not already won a prize from this giveaway, you url will be automatically included in the drawings.
  11. I don’t appreciate it if you follow me just for the giveaway, but I will not be keeping track of that. I will, however, make sure you are following me if I draw your name.
  12. Contest/Giveaway blogs (ie: blogs made solely for entering in contests) and porn blogs will not be counted. If you roleplay smut on your blog sometimes, don’t worry; you are still allowed to participate in the giveaway.
  13. I, the mun of this blog, reserve the right to update these rules as I see fit, and your participation in this giveaway automatically means you agree to these rules.
  14. This begins today! Good luck! ^_^
  15. I’m terribly sorry, but I hear shipping out of the mainland states is expensive so this is for the United States only and I’m so sorry Hawaii and Alaska followers but you are also excluded. (I really am sorry!) To clarify, that’s the 48 mainland states only.
  16. If you’re 17 or younger you must get your parents permission to participate and give me your address, this is solely your responsibility. Participation in this contest means you have their permission.

Those not from the mainland states check here!

Legend of Korra | Watch the Exclusive Book 4 Preview Only On Nick.com

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askformercommanderbumi asked
-Random Character Question Time!- When mastering airbending, did Tenzin work strictly from what Aang taught him and the history of airbending, or did he innovate and create a personal style and technique?

//Creativity was always something the airbenders praised and encouraged, so I think Aang would have encouraged Tenzin to think creatively. Also, when a person internalizes a technique there’s always something that makes it unique to them and in that sense, there would be a personal style for him, but I think he would try to emulate his father’s style as much as possible since Aang was taught directly by the ancient monks, Tenzin would see a lot of value in that and he’d want to stick as close to “the original” style as much as possible.

kiaheck asked
What's the first word you think of when you hear Bumi?

"Oh, brother…"

kiaheck asked
I made a portrait of you and even though it wasn't at a great time for you, I still think I did a good job 😊
Anonymous asked
Have ypu ever caught any member of the Krew drunk/getting drunk?

"Once and only once."

"After that, I made things clear for everybody."

saladmuffin asked
Oy T-man, been awhile. Maaan, Jinora turned out to be the huge MVP in that Red Lotus business, eh? Must be in her genes eh ol' boy?


"It skipped a generation. That and Pema’s always been very spiritual. I’m sure that’s where Jinora got it."

Anonymous asked
How's it been, teaching Ryu?

"A pain in the neck. Worse than trying to teach Bumi."



"He’s doing well. It’s just going to take time, like a few years. I’m sure by then he’ll really florish.”

atarahderek asked
What would you think if Rohan turned out to be a waterbender of his grandmother's caliber? Personally I think it'd be hilarious. Bending can skip generations, but can elements?

"I can’t say. I’m not sure how it works."


"But I’d be very happy if that turned out to be the case."

korraslegacies asked
its already over 15,000 tenzin pls


//Yeeah. I didn’t realize that until after I reblogged it.

//A look at the life of a Tibetan Buddhist nun in retreat.


Hey Korra Nation, BIG NEWS!!!
So what’re you waiting for? Let’s do this!!!


Hey Korra Nation, BIG NEWS!!!


So what’re you waiting for? Let’s do this!!!

//Tibetan Buddhist Monks meditating and focusing on their breathing to warm their bodies and dry wet towels using their body heat.